Navigating Global Challenges: DG4Sales’ Salesforce Solution for Ipsos

DG4Sales and Ipsos: Global Salesforce Integration for Enhanced Lead and Sales Processes


Ipsos stands at the forefront of market research and analysis, pioneering innovative approaches to uncover vital market trends and consumer behaviors. With a global footprint spanning 100 countries, Ipsos harnesses its extensive network to deliver nuanced, culturally relevant insights.

This global perspective, combined with a commitment to technological innovation, positions Ipsos as a leader in shaping strategies and driving growth for a diverse clientele, from local businesses to multinational corporations.






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The primary challenge facing Ipsos was the deployment of a unified and standardized Lead and Sales process solution using Salesforce across various countries. This included developing a robust integration with their complex and sophisticated billing system.

The project also entailed migrating the legacy Salesforce configuration in France and facilitating the change management process to ensure smooth adoption, initially in France and the US, with plans to expand to other countries in the subsequent years.


Dg4sales, with its extensive expertise in international project management and team alignment across different countries and subsidiaries, successfully delivered a comprehensive migration plan for the French team. This plan included a standardized and common lead and sales process tailored to the unique business requirements of each country, all while ensuring seamless integration with the same billing solution.

Key aspects of the project included:

Inducting an audit of the French Salesforce Organization to identify discrepancies between the current and targeted Lead and Sales processes.

Implementing data migration with deduplication criteria to unify the Customer repository used in the finance solution across all countries (headquarters and subsidiaries).

Customizing lead synchronization with the marketing automation tool, prioritizing lead qualification through lead queue assignment.

Ensuring that during the Sales process, prospect details were synchronized with the billing solution for accurate customer identification and preparation of detailed quotations in the billing tool.

Dg4sales continues to provide comprehensive support at Levels 1, 2, and 3, actively engaging in new projects from specification to proof of concept (POC) and deployment, utilizing an agile and customer-centric methodology.


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