Swile’s Leap Forward: Innovating Sales and Finance with DG4Sales

Elevating Swile’s Business Model: A Case Study in Efficient Billing Solutions


Swile is on a mission to create a more fulfilling work environment, with a focus on bringing joy and ease to the workplace. Their approach? Injecting moments of happiness into everyday work life, whether it’s celebrating team achievements, enjoying meals with colleagues, or utilizing employee benefits through a seamless payment solution.


Employees used swile card daily

€ 138M

Revenue n 2022

1 Billion

Company Valuation

+ 1,000


Swile’s commitment to enhancing the work experience is reflected in its rapid growth and the widespread adoption of its innovative solutions.


Swile faced the challenge of structuring its product offerings to allow for special bundles, ensuring an easy-to-use interface for sales teams and flexibility for marketing users. Despite strong word-of-mouth sales, the billing process for end-users, restaurants, and partners needed refinement to streamline the lead-to-cash suite in Salesforce.


Dg4sales, with its expertise in CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) and Billing solutions, developed an integrated process within Salesforce for Swile’s sales and finance teams. Utilizing Salesforce CPQ and Just.on Billing solutions, Dg4sales facilitated smooth subscription revenue management, standardizing processes for renewals and price indexation. Salesforce CPQ enabled creative bundling, while Just.on efficiently handled invoicing for subscriptions, usage, and professional services with minimal configuration and development.

Key project elements included:

Configuring a multi-currency product catalog and bundles with CPQ.

Simplifying the sales process with guidelines and a wizard to ensure consistency in quotations and product combinations.

Creating billing and invoicing documents within Salesforce, enabling comprehensive reporting and up-to-date customer, partner, and payment status tracking for the customer success team.

Dg4sales continues to provide daily support across various levels and engages in new projects from specification to deployment, employing an agile and customer-centric approach.


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