Transforming Acolad: Elevating Efficiency with Salesforce Optimization

Optimizing Acolad’s Salesforce for improved efficiency and enhanced customer engagement.


For over thirty years, Acolad has been at the forefront of delivering exceptional content services, including translation, interpreting, and transcription. Acolad’scommitment to innovation and technology has enabled countless businesses to effectively engage with their markets, significantly boost revenue, and streamline processes. Acolad’s expertise in providing cutting-edge content solutions continues to set industry standards, helping clients navigate and succeed in a globally connected world.

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The primary challenge for Acolad involved consolidating CRM usage and establishing trusted data as a central record to support connected solutions throughout the customer lifecycle. This lifecycle, spanning from lead generation to cash realization, is managed through a suite of business processes. These include marketing automation, the Salesforce ecosystem, in-house project management tools, and financial solutions, all integrated with Salesforce serving as the core database.

A secondary challenge was centralizing sales activities and linguistic expert tasks within the same CRM system. This integration aimed to streamline the management of quotations and pricing within the unified Salesforce environment


Dg4Sales, leveraging its expertise in data management and business processes for B2B companies, delivered best practices in lead management and sales pipeline monitoring. This approach addressed forecasting issues and tracked key operational KPIs, such as sales activities, revenue, and sales velocity, while ensuring data synchronization with connected systems.

Key project areas included:

Auditing the current Salesforce configuration and providing recommendations to align with new sales organizations (SDR, AE, AM, CS).

Connecting an external accounts database for unique and updated information via D&B numbers.

Synchronizing in-house project management solutions using Salesforce API and MuleSoft tools.

Managing and administering the Salesforce Org securely, including backup solutions and data synchronization monitoring with replay functionalities.

DG4Sales provides ongoing support at Level 2 & 3 and is actively involved in new projects, from specifications and proof of concept (POC) to deployment, employing an agile and customer-centric methodology


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