Office de Tourisme et de congrès de Paris

OTCP’s Digital Transformation: Enhancing Parisian Experiences with DG4Sales

Revolutionizing OTCP’s Digital Experience: A Salesforce Integration Success by DG4Sales


Office de Tourisme et de congrès de Paris a public sector entity, offers diverse services related to Parisian attractions and events. This includes an e-commerce platform for reserving tickets to various Paris attractions and events, and numerous partnerships with local initiatives and hostels to enhance the experience for both individual visitors and companies attending special events like the Olympic Games.


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Expected monthly visitors during the Olympic Games


The primary challenge for OTCP was to overhaul its front and back-office architecture to accommodate increasing web traffic, especially in anticipation of the Olympic Games. This involved transitioning to innovative, secure, and robust solutions that would enable cross-marketing activities with Marketing Automation within a unified customer experience framework. A critical aspect of this challenge was migrating the existing CRM system to Salesforce, ensuring seamless connection of all master data within Salesforce, and developing an API hub to facilitate the sharing of meaningful information with external partners for features like accessibility or maps.


Dg4sales, with its expertise in CRM and Web/API architecture, successfully addressed OTCP’s challenges. The team established a master repository in Salesforce for external providers and built a community portal for affiliates, enriching it with functionalities to analyze subscription ROI.

Key solutions included:

Implementing an ETL solution and an API hub, crucial for securely sharing data with external providers and ensuring a unified customer experience through Single Sign-On (SSO).

Facilitating data management between the CRM and e-commerce platform with bi-directional synchronization.

Enabling partners, service providers, and data partners to connect with Salesforce, allowing them to access or enrich Salesforce data securely.

Managing content translation and event repository in Salesforce to align with the affiliate portal and B2C visitors.

Organizing a sales process to enhance and monitor B2B activities, including quotas and pipeline reviews for partner programs and seminar events.

Dg4sales continues to provide daily support at Levels 1, 2, and 3, and remains actively involved in new projects from specifications to deployment, employing an agile and customer-centric methodology.”


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